Saturday, February 21, 2009

Rice is yummy!

On Saturday around noon Rosalyn had her first taste of solid foods! It was 1 tbs of rice cereal mixed with 4 tbs breastmilk- so very watery. She loved it!!! At first she was kind of like- what the heck is this spoon thing...but she got the hang of things really fast. Since the poor girl has been on so many oral medications- baby Prevacid for reflux, antibiotics and tylenol every so often- she is an old pro at eating things from her syringes. The spoon was a little bigger, granted, but pretty quickly the amount of food going into her mouth was much more than the amount on her chin, bib, and ultimately sleeper and onesie!! lol Soon we'll start twice a day feedings and then after a week or so we'll try a different grain. In a month or so we'll be on to veggies and fruits...with more hilarious results I'm sure :P Of course we took pictures and video to document this momentous occasion- so here you go! Oh, and ps- Lucky Star by Madonna is playing right now- thinking of you Hal :) Woo hoo!

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