Saturday, February 21, 2009


We've agonized over this for several weeks off and on. What title should we give for a blog that we plan to maintain for our daughter/family for the years ahead? We had only one guideline: it could not be lame. I, then, tried to come up with some sort of anagram for the meaning of Rosalyn's name: beautiful rose and our last name (dwellers by the dark stream). Immediately, this brought about an additional guideline: it was not to be angsty or "emo". As of this posting, we are listening to the 80s Hair Metal station and Poison's "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" is playing. Ha!

Unfortunately, like many good ideas, Rosalyn's blog was placed on the backburner. Thinking over the years the number of IM screen names, personalized license plates, e-mail handles that I've had and -- looking back on some of them with mild embarrassment -- I didn't want to select a title that we would later look on with regret or similar embarrassment. It had to have a timeless air to it. Jenn was purusing an online friend's blog with a fairly simple title. I liked the concept well enough to adapt it for Rosalyn. Combine that with my affinity for extreme weather phenomena, especially hurricanes, and we have Tracking Rosalyn.

Due to the technological advances of the last 50 years, meterologists are able to predict with a narrow margin of error the intensity, wind speed and the strike probability of a hurricane. Satellite images are able to capture the beauty and strangely serene images of these massive whirlwinds. Accuracy aside, I suppose what we are saying is that Rosalyn is our little hurricane. She's a little whirlwind of emotions. Of course, we are fans of the smile and the giggle. We are able to accurately meet her needs with a slim margin of error. Of course, it's that slim margin that makes the difference between a happy baby and a catastrophic meltdown. Unlike a hurricane, Rosalyn is our beautiful little baby from up close or from afar.

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